Lyrics in English – Levoton tyttö

”Levoton tyttö” (Restless Girl) was the first single from the album ”Anssi Kela”, released in spring 2013. This song became such a hit that it turned Anssi’s carreer in steep rise. On the music video, which is made in his home recording studio, Anssi’s dog Armi plays the role of the restless girl – and of course steals the whole show!


Why such a fuss?
Calm down a bit
Come sit next to me
Under my arm
Don’t need to do anything special
Just be here
This is perfect

You know all weird things
Such as deers lick cars at night
And that in space you can’t cry
Without gravity the tear doesn’t fall

Hey restless girl, I have a soft spot for you
And you might have a soft spot for me
Hey restless girl, you should decide what you want
Or you can push me away from you
What are you afraid of?

You want to come and go
You want to be free
Because you never know who you meet tomorrow
You want to travel
See Australia
Life is short
Time is up soon

You know all weird things
You claim that cats can’t taste sweetness
You say heart stops when you sneeze
You know Elvis had blond hair
He just dyed it black

Hey restless girl…

Octopuses have three hearts
I have only one
Please don’t break it

Hey restless girl…

You gotta decide
You gotta decide
Tell me what do you miss
What do you miss?


Original text by Anssi Kela. Translation by Mari.