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Anssi Kela
You have arrived at Harhaa.com, Anssi Kelaís unofficial home page. Anssi Kela is one of Finlandís foremost artists whose songs can be compared with the works of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Tom Petty and several other internationally renowned artists.

The main part of these pages is in Finnish but also some information in English can be found. Harhaa.com has been done by people who have got acquainted through the discussion forum at Anssi Kelaís official home pages. Most of the material is written or compiled by Mari, Matti and Sami. Also several other persons have contributed by providing us with different kinds of material. The technical realisation and design are by Matti. If you have any questions regarding Harhaa.com or Anssi Kela and his music, donít hesitate to contact us.


THE FIFTH SOLO ALBUM is on it's way. Anssi has many new songs but he's making more of them. He has a new record company, Live Nation Finland, which has only a few artists, so they can give all their attention to Anssi's forthcoming album. Yes, Live Nation is also his booking agency, that's what makes it so special. The album should be out on March 22nd 2013. The first single Levoton tyttŲ is already being played in radios.

Anssi's second book MATKAMUISTOJA was published in May 2012. It's all based on true life of Anssi and his great band. How you invent sports for long rides in a tour bus or for cruise ship corridors. Or what happens when you name yourself as Risto Rante at hotel reception. Lots of wonderful details and lots of mad laughter!

Anssi and his band are on the road again in autumn 2011! PIENI JUHLAKIERTUE celebrates the 10th anniversary of Anssi's solo carreer by giving the audience a possibility to travel back in time to 2001. The two drummers, acoustic guitar and old Gretsch guitar, and of course the old-time setlist have returned! The second half of the concert brings audience back to the future, you might hear new tunes from the forthcoming album! Check the dates here.

If you wish to have all singles as recorded versions, plus the same songs in live format and two great new songs, the new ANSSI KELA COMPILATION "SINGLET 2000-2010" is perfect for you! The live-cd was recorded on Viking Isabella ship in February 2010. The songs can be also listened on Spotify.

THE FOURTH SOLO ALBUM "AUKIO" was released on 09.09.09. It is a concept album meaning that all the 11 song lyrics are linked as one story. The story takes place in a village next to a copper mine, which is about to be shut down due to the bad times. An accident happens and the main character of the story gets buried alive in the mine. The musical style is said to be "from Dire Straits to Pink Floyd". You can listen the first single Aamu here.

ANSSI'S BOOK "KESń KALEVI SORSAN KANSSA" was published in August 2008. It's a story of Johannes, who has injured in a car accident and lost his memory of last two weeks. His best and only friend Markus is a bad liar. One day Johannes meets an imaginary friend, who happens to be Kalevi Sorsa, an ex-prime minister of Finland. With his help Johannes learns many things of the lost two weeks and life as a whole. Here's another good reason to learn some Finnish! ;)

We advise all fans to go and see the ANSSI KELA YOUTUBE CHANNEL! It contains different kinds of music, travel diary and reports. Throw your video wishes to Anssi's forum, he might use your idea!
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Here are some sections of Harhaa.com most usable for those who do not speak Finnish:

Who Is Anssi Kela?

Interview : Anssi Kela (Musique Finlandaise, ranska.net, Aug 2002)

Guest book Leave a message! Also Anssi reads this guest book.

Lyrics in English: Nummela (songs of Anssiís Nummela album and Milla single)
Lyrics in English: Suuria kuvioita (songs of Anssiís Suuria kuvioita album)
Lyrics in English: Pekka ja Susi (songs by Anssiís former group Pekka ja Susi)
Unofficial translations of some of Anssiís lyrics.
Original lyrics (in Finnish)

Discography (in Finnish)
More detailed information about released work prior to Anssiís solo career (in Finnish)
More detailed information about released work since the beginning of Anssiís solo career (in Finnish)
Unreleased songs (in Finnish)
Anssiís contributions on the records of other artists and bands (in Finnish)
Cover versions (in Finnish)
Other information (books, compilations, etc.) (in Finnish)
List of past gigs (in Finnish) List of Anssiís gigs since 1986.

Record sleeves (Anssiís solo career)
Record sleeves (Anssiís former band Pekka ja Susi)
Drawn self portrait and autograph by Anssi in 2002

Anssi Kela YouTube Channel Lots of videos uploaded by Anssi. Includes for example the making of Aukio album video diary.
You can also find lots of live concert videos at YouTube.

Anssiís cd albums can be bought at least here:
Downloads, some examples:
Apple iTunes Music Store

anssikela.com (Anssi's official home page and actively updated blog in Finnish)
Sony Finland (Anssiís record company)
Live Nation Finland (Anssiís tour promoter)
Naamattu (Anssi's Facebook site, actively updated in Finnish)
Anssi @ MySpace (not actively updated)
Anssi @ Wikipedia (could contain some false facts, as it's not made by us!)


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